My name is Jacqueline. I was staying with my uncle here in Bujumbura for studies reason. When he died, his wife sent me away because it was very hard to find enough food for all of us. I stopped my studies as there was no one to pay for my school fees. I found a job and got married to a man from a different ethnic group. After we had three daughters, my husband was killed. After the burial ceremony, my in-laws took by force two of my three daughters. They said they don’t want that their children to be raised by a different ethnic group and that my husband died because I’m a cursed person. I stayed with my smallest child. But, after years, I went in the countryside to find my two other kids. An organization whose vision is children’s rights supported me until my two daughters were given back to me. I found a job and was able to start a small business. Today, I’m a member of one self-help group, and I can survive with my three daughters.

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