/ / AGBV CFSC 2023 Narrative Report

AGBV CFSC 2023 Narrative Report

“I have a case of a young girl who has been sent away by one of their neighbors (not her parents) because she was pregnant. What can we do as mediators? Answer: you need to do deep investigations to understand why the neighbour is taking decision to send away the preganant girl. Or if the case is beyond your capacities, refer the case to the local authorities or just network with other mediators in your area. Don’t work alone.

“We have a case of one woman who was pregnant in the absence of her husband. The neighbors called her husband who was outside the country and told him that his wife was pregnant. The wife was afraid and aborted. As mediators, we were called to send away the wife. And we said that we cannot deal with the case in the absence of her husband. Now we are waiting for the arrival of her husband to deal with the case”

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