About Fwa

Friends Women’s Association, FWA, a grass-roots organization in Burundi, addresses the needs of women in conflict, poverty, HIV/AIDS, and sexual violence. The FWA health care clinic focuses on treating both physical and psycho-social needs

What we do

Our services: •Free or low cost medical exams to women andtheir families •Primary and preventative care •Laboratory testing •HIV testing and counseling, •Psychological counseling •Home visits and micro-finance services •Community trauma and reconciliation workshops

Our beliefs

We believe:We believe health is a human right. We alsobelieve that when this right is truly respected,there is hope for long-term sustainable peacein Burundi.We focus on the whole well-being of ourpatients and our community, treating both theirbodily needs and facilitating a process ofhealing from violence and trauma.

Recent Stories

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Friends Women’s Association APRIL 2021 Report

Maternity Ward Building In the month of April 2021, with the support from the Canadian Friends Service Committee (CFSC), we have continued putting broth on the walls of Ntaseka clinic extension plus the control work. The next step will be the tiling of the building, installation of toilets andshowers. One trauma healing workshop was done on April 26-28, 2021.

Friends Women’s Association March 2021 Report

COVID-19 AND NTASEKA CLINIC In the month March 2021, Friends Women’s Association has continued to apply Covid-19 restrictions at Ntaseka Clinic for both the staff and the beneficiaries’ protection. MARCH 8, 2021 On March 12, 2021, as women-led organization which works for women, the FWA joined the world to celebrate the international women’s day.


COVID-19 AND NTASEKA CLINIC On December 17, 2020, according to the Ministry of Public Health and the Fight against HIV/AIDS, since March 31, 2020 a total of 76962 people have been tested for COVID-19, including 760 confirmed cases, 687 discharged,71 active cases and two deaths. So, since July 2020, different organizations have supported Ntaseka clinic to prevent both its staff and patients from covid-19. They Read More →

Report: Friends Women’s Association JANUARY 2021 Report

Improving Women’s Reproductive Health (IWRH) FWA community health workers and FWA staff have continued to educate men, women and young people on the importance of family planning. One discussion group for young girls was done on January 21st, 2021. One discussion group for girls mothers was done on January 28th, 2021

Friends Women’s Association FEBRUARY 2021 Report

Maternity Ward Building In the month of February 2021, with the support from the Canadian Friends Service Committee (CFSC), we have continued the concreting and plastering of Ntaseka clinic maternity ward walls. The installation of electricity and plumbing work are done at the same time. The next step is putting broth on the walls of the building plus the control work.

FWA Report May 2020

On May 11-15, 2020, under the support of Segal Family Foundation (SFF), seven of FWA staff involved in the self-help (SHG) approach benefited a training for a better monitoring and evaluation of the SHGs. Facilitators were from BIRATURABA.