“My name is Leilla. I grew up in a family where my parents were always quarrelling. I was born in Sororezo, Bujumbura province. When I was 15 years old, my mother left my father because she was beaten almost every day. It was since that time that I started to do the work my mother was doing (working in fields, feeding my brothers and sisters) so that my brothers and sisters can survive. I then decided to join my mother. My father came to pick me by force, but he didn’t find me because I was staying at my cousin home in Musaga, Bujumbura Mairie. Some months later, my little brother left my parents ‘house to find a job in Bujumbura Mairie. Finally, my whole family was killed when President Ndadaye was assassinated on October 21st, 1993. They were burnt in our house. When I learned about the sad news, I felt so sorrowful that I wanted to commit suicide. Then, I was told that my brother who was here in Bujumbura Mairie was brought to Rwanda and died there. I didn’t get a chance to attend his burial ceremony. Even today, I don’t want people speaking about both Sororezo and Rwanda. Thanks a lot for organizing this workshop so that I can share my sad stories.”

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