/ / Friends Women’s Association MAY 2021 Report

Friends Women’s Association MAY 2021 Report

Improving Women’s Reproductive Health (IWRH)

FWA community health workers and FWA staff have continued to educate men, women and young people on the importance of family planning.

Two discussion groups for the SHGs leaders were done:  on May 20&30, 2021. A total of 45 SHGs leaders were touched. The objective was to invite SHGs members to discuss about sexual and reproductive health every time they meet. The Community Health workers will be there to mentor them so that they can be facilitators in the future.


In the month May 2021, Friends Women’s Association has continued to apply Covid-19 restrictions at Ntaseka Clinic for both the staff and the beneficiaries’ protection. John Gould Family Foundation has again supported Ntaseka clinic with 500 disposable gloves, 500 surgical masks, KN 95 masks and 15 face shields. They were given through Life Net International.

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