/ / November 28, 2023 is Giving Tuesday

November 28, 2023 is Giving Tuesday

Dear Friends,
With #GivingTuesday just around the corner, we want to tell you about
a powerful opportunity to maximize your donation this year to the
Friends Women’s Association.
Global Giving has $1.2 Million to giveaway. This Giving Tuesday,
Global Giving is following your lead and will give where you give.
Global Giving will distribute Incentive Funds to participating projects
proportionally based on final fundraising totals. Donations up to
$2,500USD per unique donor per eligible project made between 00:00:00
EST to 23:59:59 EST on November 28, 2023 will be eligible for
If you haven’t done so already, please sign up on our site to create
a fundraising page and tell your friends and family about our
campaign. Spreading the word gets our voices heard and the donations
rolling in!
November 28, 2023 is Giving Tuesday. We are excited to invite you to donate to one of our three projects posted on the Global Giving Platform. Thank you very much for your donation!
To donate to the Friends Women’s Association (FWA), click on


To Support FWA’s Maternity Services, click on


To Support Girls and Young Women in Bujumbura slum, click on


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