/ / Maternity ward progress since October 2018

Maternity ward progress since October 2018

The Maternity ward project has done a significant progress since October 2018. This project has been very successful thanks to different donors including Vancouver Island Meeting, the GlobalGiving donors, African Great Lakes Initiative of the Friends Peace Teams, the Canadian Friends Service Committee and FWA members. This maternity ward is almost complete. Therefore Ntaseka clinic will contribute a lot to prevent the transmission of HIV from mother to child and  FWA HIV positive beneficiaries will no longer pay high cost medicine when they are hospitalized. A big thank you to all our donors! Now, the present step is to find some equipment for the maternity ward to be functional. The cost is $10,000. Would you please spread this message to your relatives and/or friends so that they can support this so important work! Thank you very much!

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