/ / FWA NOVEMBER 2021 Report

FWA NOVEMBER 2021 Report

“My name is Gerardine; my trauma was caused by my husband who abandoned me without saying goodbye. He left me with a pregnancy; I was weak I couldn’t work to survive. I was in the savings group but I couldn’t save and decide to leave it. All of you remember my look when I came in the training, I had a 1 month old baby, I had no food to eat my skin was swollen like someone with kwashiorkor. I wanted death without finding it. The training showed me that I am not alone in this violent fight and I had the courage to try again. I came back home calm because I had time to cry during the training. I started to work and I decided to live alone with my two small children. By the grace of God I saw my husband coming asking for forgiveness and now we live together in peace”.

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